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The Cripps family founding benefactors, along with the first Hall Warden, Harry Lucas, of course wanted to actively encourage and recognise academic endeavour. However, they also wanted to foster a special ethos within the Hall based upon a sense of community and fellowship. They encouraged students to develop broader skills and values alongside their academic pursuits. They hoped to enable them to realise their full potential as individuals, and to use this advantage to make a positive contribution to others.

The Cripps Hall Trust (registered charity no: 528348) was established in 1972 to reflect and support these original Hall founders' principles and aims to achieve this by:

  1. Assisting with the provision of additional Hall facilities for the benefit of the student members
  2. Providing annual travel scholarships and occasional grants, to student members
  3. Offering discretionary support and special assistance to all members
  4. Providing membership services for the benefit of all members through the Cripps Hall Association
  5. Administering the Edward Cripps Prize.

The Cripps Hall Association is the membership arm of the Cripps Hall Trust and offers a range of services for past and present residents of Cripps Hall. These membership services, such as events and information, are managed by a committee of member volunteers in order to:

  • enable past students to remain in contact with the Hall and itís development within the University
  • enable existing and past students to remain in contact with each other
  • provide an opportunity for past members to offer something back to the Hall either directly or by supporting the work of the Cripps Hall Trust (e.g. through membership fees and /or donations, expertise or network contacts).